I’m a Brooklyn-based, Dutch-born filmmaker working from StudioMates. I specialize in documentary, storytelling and commercial films, splitting my time between client-work and personal projects such as Like Knows Like and Judged

News + updates

↑ In 2006, Irene (my sister) went to Israel for a vacation. She fell in love with a cowboy, and had two children. Every Israeli must fulfill obligatory military service. There's been three wars in the past six years.

Although her kids are still very young, I wondered how she felt about that, and shot this video.

Rita Gomes 2 (1 of 1).jpg

↑‎ This is WASTEDRITA + some of her work. During my trip to Portugal, I was lucky enough to shoot a short artist-profile for Like Knows Like on her. Not only did I get to follow this graphic designer and illustrator around in Lisbon, we both participated the 180 Creative Camp in Abrantes which is a great artist event held by Portuguese TV channel Canal 180 with this years theme: "The Power of Storytelling". Make sure you stay tuned, because this will be a good-one!

↑ Living happily in Williamsburg, Brooklyn in 1992, Heleen left everything behind and moved to a farm upstate New York. Why did she go? To save her daughter’s life. This film is part of a series about positive change. Created for Charles Schwab's campaign "Why I left" #ownyourtomorrow in collaboration with Vimeo.

↑ It's with great pleasure to announce James Victore to the Like Knows Like show!

James is an amazing artist and posters designer. His work has been exhibited at the MoMa, and belongs to permanent collections of museums in Paris, Washington, D.C., Zürich and Amsterdam. His clients include the New York Times, TIME Magazine, Moët & Chandon, the City of New York and Esquire.

Victore speaks regularly around the globe, is a professor at the School of Visual Arts, lectures at RISD and also teaches through his own events like “The Dinner Series” and “Take This Job & Love It.” He inspires many with his Burning Questions series on YouTube.

↑ We released Judged.co

Stories of ex-convicts who started their own business with help from Defy Ventures. How do ex-convicts get past their troubled beginnings? By bringing these positive role models into the spotlight, we have the chance to contribute to something real. Something good. Something that goes far beyond appearance, all the way to inspiration. Go see it: Judged.co


↑‎ This is how I wrap up a shoot. Whatever. Just continue scrolling ↓

↑‎ I was commissioned by ASICS Europe to make a comprehensive edit of their marketing materials from the 2013/14 season. This is a Directors Cut.

↑‎ Just recently, I traveled 9 countries in 3 weeks to shoot films, portraits and production processes for NXP Semiconductors. One of the deliverables was an internal mood video based around their "25.000 MINDS CREATING" theme.